What We Do

The use of Sensory Rooms in schools gives special needs children a chance to succeed on a daily basis. Our expertise, our experience (including personal special needs experience) and the volume of rooms completed make us a leading provider of Sensory Rooms.


Our unique start-to-finish process makes it easy for schools to implement their Sensory Room plan. This chart documents how we simplify the process.



The Sensory Room design process is completely collaborative. We work with Special Education Directors to identify optimum spaces and then design customized Sensory Rooms that create successful experiences for children.

The Sensory Room team provides a unique and signature approach to room design. Our proprietary design starts with a foundation of water, lights, mirrors, and rising bubbles. LED fiber optics emerge from an acoustic ceiling with twinkling stars. Our Sensory Rooms include tactile wall panels, balanced floor beams, swings and other equipment designed for fun, calming sensory input. Sensory Room projects are designed to fit within your budget, and average projects are completed for $20,000 to $25,000.

The Sensory Room Elements

Sensory Room elements and equipment are critical to successful experiences. Typically, each room will include these elements:

  • Star Ceiling Tiles

  • Bubble Tubes with Padded Seating

  • Activity Wall Panels

  • Fidget and weighted items

  • LED fiber optic strands

  • Therapeutic Swings

  • Foam crash pits

  • LED lighting throughout


Installation and Sourcing

Once design plans and room concepts are approved, The Sensory Room team takes over to accomplish the following:

  • Establish Project Timeline
  • Recommend equipment vendors
  • Assist schools in writing Purchase Orders
  • Oversee equipment ordering
  • Track shipments
  • Assist facilities department in prepping rooms for installation
  • Install equipment according to industry standards and manufacturers specifications
  • Inspect entire room for safety, equipment durability, stability, and performance
  • Train entire staff on operating the equipment, cleaning, maintenance, and tips for use

Our installers know that the durability of Sensory Rooms will be tested by their users and are trained to construct them for the most challenging of children.


Upon completion of the room, The Sensory Room team sets up a complete training session with teachers and staff to ensure proper room and equipment operation. Our team is available to handle questions and issues for six months following completion.